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Optimize Web Images

We optimize your product image to make them
look attractive to your target audience.

When publishing an image on the web, there are some minimum tasks to be applied in order for it to fit your webpage and make it look good and at the same time optimize it so that your webpage load faster. The image optimization tasks may include removing background, cropping extra unused area outside product, straightening, resizing and finally saving it in web optimized format.

Depending on your requirement, we can save the file in JPG or PNG format. At Orbit Clipping Path, we optimize your website imagery and design, ensuring all changes are saved in web optimized format, increasing loading speed.

Image optimization is important because:

  1. Each optimized image has the ability to rank
  2. Images without optimization can result in poor load speed
  3. Optimized images ensure that your website is easily accessible to those with visual impairments